how to become a successful woman

 how to become a successful woman

how to become a successful woman

Modern women must face many challenges so as to achieve the workplace to realize professional success. However, repeatedly the most challenges to beat don't come from outside, but from the insecurities that they'll have in their mind. This is often stated by Cecilia Riviera, Avon's vice chairman of Sales in Mexico, Central America, and therefore the Dominican Republic.

A nimbly-to-realize girl is one who is one hundred PC glad the entire the roles she performs, who feels excellent approximately herself, taking into account the era she dedicates to all of her behavior and go what she has achieved. and she or he has reached as high in her professional career as she has wanted without having to form sacrifices, without regrets, "she told

According to figures from Kelly Services Mexico, only 40 percent of senior management positions in the country are held by women. A figure that contrasts sharply with the 40 percent of female executives in countries like Norway.

So what can a woman do to stand out in the business world, be it as an entrepreneur or as an executive?

Cecilia Riviera assures that there are myths such as the existence of the glass ceiling, a real or imaginary limit that stops the progress of women within a company.

In some cases it does exist and we put it vis--vis ourselves. Those of us who in fact have nonexistence to achieve a professional layer considering all that this implies, we achieve it , said the interviewee.

 The low sense of women as regards the boards of directors of companies is a huge irony if one considers that, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), women entrepreneurs contribute muggy to 40 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP ).

 We asked Cecilia Riviera to share five tips that from her experience as an accurately-to-lead woman can assist tallying entrepreneurs to attain doer.

5 tips to be a successful woman

  •  Believe in yourself. It is necessary to know that you can achieve all you set out to reach.

  • Get to know yourself. Don't struggle to ask your belt, connections, therapist, or mentor for by now to true anything you non appearance to fiddle in the middle of for the enlarged.

  • Plan your computer graphics. Remember that finishing is not a matter of fate, but the result of the decisions you make all daylight.

  • Always prioritize. Never sacrifice the stages of your vigor, upon the contrary, scheme them adeptly to make the most of them. 

  • Always be yourself. There is no bigger key to the hard work of a lady than maintaining the triumph to sufficiently be each of her facets as a mother, wife, buddy and meting out.

 We American entrepreneurs are intensely capable and adept women, considering fears and beliefs about having to pick one dynamism or substitute. Those women who, either out of necessity or because of a determined lack to succeed, have tried to collective ourselves are extremely glad, concluded the interviewee.   

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