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Healthy habits for children

 Healthy habits for children

Healthy habits for children

Healthy habits in children should be taught from a really young age and perhaps with them for the remainder of their lives.

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating, workout , and private hygiene.


Acquiring healthy habits in children during this regard will lead them to take care of a healthy lifestyle once they are adults and can help prevent certain health problems like obesity, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and a few sorts of cancer.

Don't skip breakfast. This could be the foremost important meal of the day, it should include cereals, fruit and a few foodstuffs .

Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, reduce proteins (eat meat and fish 3 times a week), incorporate cereals daily.

Involving children within the purchase of food and alluring them to cook with you, that creates them more willing to consume the food that they prepare themselves.

Snacks are a part of a healthy diet, provided they're scheduled and at specific times of the day as a nutritious snack that has some cookies amid fruit or yogurt.

Meals should be done as a family, it should be a pleasing time, it's important to "eat slowly", because the brain sends the signal of satiety about 20 minutes after eating. Preventing the kid from eating while watching TV makes them not concentrate to the sensation of fullness and overeating.

2) workout

Performing physical activities is useful for physical and emotional health, it must be present within the daily routine of youngsters .

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) being healthy is "the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of disease." The kid who exercises regularly (at least an hour of physical activity most days of the week) is more likely to steer a healthy life and better physical development.

Exercise provides benefits at any age, within the case of youngsters , it reduces the danger of being overweight, since exercise helps control fat within the body. Lower risk of type 2 diabetes and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Children who practice workout as a family foster their self-esteem and bond with their parents.

Reducing the amount of hours you spend ahead of the tv , video games, or computer increases your physical activity. It's important to possess a schedule for these activities and it's not recommended that they be ahead of the tv or other device for quite 2 hours each day .


Drinking water is important to eliminate toxins and hydrate all the organs of the body. Water should be the drink of the entire family at every meal.

A juvenile body is formed from 80% water which of an adult 65%. Therefore, children require a better fluid intake

Generally, during the primary months of life and through breastfeeding, babies don't have to drink water, except when it's extremely popular or they need diarrhea or fever. But as children grow, their intake should be increased, with a requirement of 800-1000 ml in Babies between 6 and 12 months and within the case of youngsters between 11 and 18 years old, 2 liters per day. (6 to eight glasses).

It is important that they get into the habit of drinking even once they aren't thirsty, so offer them a glass of water every morning before breakfast and after every meal. Place water bottles inaccessible areas (the table where you study, TV room, or dining room). At meals, put a pitcher of water on the table and avoid sugary sodas and juices.


Children should spend longer playing and fewer watching television. Playing helps them develop and acquire new skills. The sport also improves their cognitive abilities and social relationships.

Play together with your children for a minimum of half-hour a day , it's essential for the event and emotional bond between the 2 .

When the tv isn't being watched, it's to be turned off. this will distract children and that they can see programs that they weren't curious about before.

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Dental hygiene is one among the habits that ought to be instilled from a really young age. it's true that it's often the foremost complicated, but you've got to form them to understand the importance of brushing your teeth correctly.

You should start from the primary teeth, buy an appropriate brush for babies and introduce it in their mouth without toothpaste and moistened with water in order that they get want to it. Let the kid brush his teeth with the oldsters and inform them that they ought to roll in the hay after eating to get rid of any food debris.


Sleep is as important as nutrition within the development and growth of the kid . it's essential to determine a schedule for getting to bed.

The hours of sleep also vary with the age of the kid , in children of 1-2 years, they sleep between 10 and 12 hours during the night and about 3 hours during the day (nap), and youngsters of 3-6 years: they sleep about 10 hours in the dark and naps usually suppress during the day.

For children to sleep well, a routine should be created before getting to bed in order that they already know that bedtime will come soon. it's important that they are going to bed at an equivalent time every day .

Before getting to sleep avoid activities that stimulate you. The bedroom should be a quiet place without noise or an excessive amount of light.


Clean hands reduce the risk of contracting illnesses such as colds, flu and other infections by up to 50%.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 5,000 minor children die every day in the world as a result of diarrheal diseases; partly due to contaminated water, lack of basic sanitation facilities and poor hygiene practices.

Children play and touch everything, so it is necessary to teach them to wash their hands after playing, when they sneeze, before and after eating, when they go to the bathroom or when they pet an animal. Even as babies they can learn this habit just by watching their parents wash their hands.

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how to become a successful woman

 how to become a successful woman

how to become a successful woman

Modern women must face many challenges so as to achieve the workplace to realize professional success. However, repeatedly the most challenges to beat don't come from outside, but from the insecurities that they'll have in their mind. This is often stated by Cecilia Riviera, Avon's vice chairman of Sales in Mexico, Central America, and therefore the Dominican Republic.

A nimbly-to-realize girl is one who is one hundred PC glad the entire the roles she performs, who feels excellent approximately herself, taking into account the era she dedicates to all of her behavior and go what she has achieved. and she or he has reached as high in her professional career as she has wanted without having to form sacrifices, without regrets, "she told

According to figures from Kelly Services Mexico, only 40 percent of senior management positions in the country are held by women. A figure that contrasts sharply with the 40 percent of female executives in countries like Norway.

So what can a woman do to stand out in the business world, be it as an entrepreneur or as an executive?

Cecilia Riviera assures that there are myths such as the existence of the glass ceiling, a real or imaginary limit that stops the progress of women within a company.

In some cases it does exist and we put it vis--vis ourselves. Those of us who in fact have nonexistence to achieve a professional layer considering all that this implies, we achieve it , said the interviewee.

 The low sense of women as regards the boards of directors of companies is a huge irony if one considers that, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), women entrepreneurs contribute muggy to 40 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP ).

 We asked Cecilia Riviera to share five tips that from her experience as an accurately-to-lead woman can assist tallying entrepreneurs to attain doer.

5 tips to be a successful woman

  •  Believe in yourself. It is necessary to know that you can achieve all you set out to reach.

  • Get to know yourself. Don't struggle to ask your belt, connections, therapist, or mentor for by now to true anything you non appearance to fiddle in the middle of for the enlarged.

  • Plan your computer graphics. Remember that finishing is not a matter of fate, but the result of the decisions you make all daylight.

  • Always prioritize. Never sacrifice the stages of your vigor, upon the contrary, scheme them adeptly to make the most of them. 

  • Always be yourself. There is no bigger key to the hard work of a lady than maintaining the triumph to sufficiently be each of her facets as a mother, wife, buddy and meting out.

 We American entrepreneurs are intensely capable and adept women, considering fears and beliefs about having to pick one dynamism or substitute. Those women who, either out of necessity or because of a determined lack to succeed, have tried to collective ourselves are extremely glad, concluded the interviewee.