Alcohol-rich sanitizer in young hands? Life can be stressful

 Alcohol-rich sanitizer in young hands? Life can be stressful



Don't stop. So, hands should be sanitized every 20 seconds with sanitizer. That sanitizer is better if it is rich in alcohol. That's eight to eighty in the last month. But, how good are these hand sanitizers for your baby's young skin? Ever had this question come to mind?

Sanitary wipes have been used long before coronary infections. According to modern parents, it is more effective than soap or liquid soap. Again, in many places there is no water for washing hands with soap. So the alternative is to take a small bottle of sanitizer out of the corner of the bag. But experts say the harsh chemicals in it damage young skin. So find out what kind of sanitizer to bring for the little ones at home -

Sanitizer cleans hands, instead.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol-rich sanitizers contain 80% or more alcohol. If you touch it repeatedly, the skin becomes rough, if you swallow it by mistake, life will be strained.

2. Triclosan

Another harmful ingredient in sanitizer is triclosan. Although it contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients, it can upset the balance of triclosan or hormones. To keep the baby safe, cancel.

3. Parabens

Parabens are also present in many makeups. Which creates rashes on the skin. Increasing the amount of estrogen secreted so don't forget to give this ingredient-rich sanitizer to children under the age of three. So what is the alternative?

Hadish Natural Sanitizer at Swirlstar

Why natural sanitizer?

If you want the well-being of your child, give coconut oil or aloe vera gel instead of chemical rich sanitizer. These will keep the skin soft, moisturized as well as disinfect the hands. By now, you may have noticed that as a result of cleaning your hands with alcohol-rich sanitizer, your baby's skin, which is like a flower, becomes dry and rough. Problems such as rash and itching across the palms of the hands. The solution is hidden in natural sanitizers. As a result, replace your baby sanitizer today. The best thing to do is use BabyChakra.

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