Tactfully look after your child

Tactfully look after your child

 Chidl helath tips

Every parent is proud of their child. Every mother and father wants their children to study and be human. The rich and the poor all want to be proud of their children. Watch your child. Your child will not always be within your reach. It is normal to go to school and play. You too will be busy with your work. If you find fault with your child, don't sit back and pretend not to see. Then with your indulgence, he may one day get involved in a much bigger crime. The child cannot always be ruled, but rule him for a while. Many parents are seen to be a little more cautious, suspicious of their child, but this is not the right way. Let's not know how you should treat the child?

1. Trust your child, trust his work, your child can be emotionally broken if you don’t trust your child. And when he breaks down mentally, it will lead him to a big crime.

2. Make your child confident. Don't hurt him by saying, "You can't do this," "You can't do this," "You can't do this." Then he will lose confidence in any work. You should encourage him. Whatever you do, you can do, if you can't, no one can. Then he will get a lot more encouragement, will focus on work.

Tactfully look after your child

3. Do not put extra pressure on your child. He's fast, why couldn't you be? Why didn't you get a chance at such a medical? What are you doing? These will bring worse than good. Always keep him stress-free.

4. Keep track of where your child is going. Find out who your child is with.

5. Don't say no to drugs. Teach your child not to say no. Be aware of yourself then make your child aware. Highlight the harmful aspects of drugs.

6. Find out what your child wants to be. Let him be what he wants to be, let him be the teacher he wants to be. Do not force anything against his will.

7. Refrain from intimidating your child. Don't scare him.

8. Rule a little at a time. The child can be ruled as much as he can be loved. Do so. Refrain from the excessive rule. If you find any crime, rule lightly and explain it well. Don't overdo it again. If you get more caress, there may be a possibility of Badar.

9. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Let him know that this is not good. Explain.

Tactfully look after your child

10. If you have two children, treat them equally. Don't be one-eyed. Do not compare one with the other. Let them go their own way. Don’t make them more or less into anything. Cherish both equally. This will keep their minds strong.

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