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health benefits of guava

health benefits of guava

Those who know the health benefits of guava and those who do not know, both eat guava. Because, it is a delicious juicy fruit. Food experts also call it super-fruit. Because guava is proven to be rich in nutrients.



What are the vitamins and nutrients in guava?

Guava contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients. E.g.-

Vitamin C
Vitamin B
Vitamin A
Vitamin E

Guava and other fruits

We know that orange is one of the foods that are rich in vitamin C. But what many of us don't know is that guava contains four times more vitamin C than an orange.

Again, we know that pineapple is rich in protein and fiber. But did we all know that guava contains 3 times more fiber and protein than pineapple?

Even so, many of us do not know that juicy fruit guavas contain twice as much lycopene as tomatoes. Again, guavas have more potassium than all-season fruit bananas.

Guava is used in all the foods?

Guava is used in a wide variety of food and medicine. For example, guava is used-

In making ice cream
In jelly
In syrup
James in chocolate
In alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Guava is used in medicine for all diseases
Medications for high blood pressure or hypertension
In the medicine of constipation
Medicines to cure various respiratory diseases
In the treatment of hypercholesterolemia.
In medicine for diarrhea and diarrhea.
What are the benefits of guava disease?
Digestive power
Health benefits of guava

It goes without saying that guava has a substantial amount of health benefits. You know the benefits of guava from the list above. Learn more about them and some of the more important health benefits.

Guava protects against diabetes

Many studies have shown that guava controls blood sugar. That is, it helps keep blood sugar at normal levels which acts as an insulin-resistant in diabetic patients. In particular, various test-tube research institutes have stated that guava is very beneficial for those who have type-two diabetes.

However, disease research institutes say that guava leaves are more beneficial for diabetics than guava. Especially for those who suffer from long term diabetes, guava leaf juice works great as insulin.

Guava leaf tea can prevent blood sugar spikes and improve the symptoms of a person with type 2 diabetes. A review of clinical trials and animal research evidence in 2010 found that guava leaf tea may help lower insulin resistance and lower blood sugar levels.

Guava keeps the heart well

Guava helps the heart in many ways, according to food experts. Many of the world's leading health scientists believe that the high levels of antioxidants and various vitamins in guava can protect our heart from the damage of free radicals.

Almost all heart experts agree that guava is rich in potassium and soluble fiber which keeps the overall health of the heart good. They have even confirmed that guava leaf extract lowers the harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood and raises the beneficial HDL cholesterol. And we all know that high levels of LDL cholesterol are extremely good for the heart

Guava relieves menstrual pain in women

Guava, especially guava leaf juice works as a remedy for various menstrual cramps in women. Guava leaf tea or squeezed juice is very beneficial for women who often experience unbearable pain due to menstruation.

In particular, women's health research organizations say that the health benefits of guava are very important in relieving menstrual pain in women with dysmenorrhea. Women who need to take ibuprofen or placebo type medications to relieve menstrual cramps, if they take regular guava and guava leaves during menstruation, will no longer need these medications.

Guava prevents diarrhea

It has long been known that guava leaf tea acts as a preventative against diarrhea and is widely used in many parts of the world. In particular, it has been shown to be more effective in infectious diarrhea.

In particular, guava leaves are a great antidote for diarrhea caused by the bacterial infection of Escherichia coli. However, many experts believe that more research is needed.

Guava increases digestive energy

We all know what our condition is like if all the foods we eat every day are not digested properly. So it goes without saying how important it is to increase digestive energy. You will be glad to know that this simple fruit called guava helps in increasing the digestive power tremendously.

Guava contains a lot of dietary fiber which helps in regulating the movement of food intestines and relieves all kinds of constipation. About 12 percent of the amount of fiber we need daily to digest food is found in normal-sized guava.

Guava reduces weight

Guava has long been known as a weight-friendly fruit. Because it’s a low-calorie snack. Guava with only 36 calories gives you a supply of 12% fiber which helps you to control your weight.

Since guava contains a lot of fiber, it is no less than other low-calorie foods. That is, you are getting the calories and vitamins and nutrients you need, even though it is not increasing your weight.

Guava acts as an anti-cancer

Lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C, and polyphenols act as anti-oxidants. And there is a combination of almost all of them in guava. That is, the large number of anti-oxidants found in guava can prevent the birth and growth of cancer cells in our bodies. This is because guava has anti-cancer effects that can kill cancer cells.

Free radicals in the body are one of the leading causes of cancer. And guava is very effective in suppressing powerful anti-oxidant free radicals. Even guava leaf extract is more effective than anti-cancer drugs, say cancer experts. However, some cancer experts have called for more research into the health benefits of guava in cancer prevention.

Guava enhances immunity

Guava has a reputation as the largest source of vitamin C, it is not unknown to anyone. And we know that the role of vitamin C in boosting immunity is undeniable. Therefore, to protect against all kinds of diseases and infections, a lot of vitamin C is needed, and guava is needed for this.

Although you know how to increase immunity, guava should be eaten regularly. Because it strengthens the immune system.

Guava keeps the skin healthy

Guava contains various vitamins and antioxidants that protect the health of the skin. We all know more or less that anti-oxidants prevent skin damage. And guava contains a significant amount of anti-oxidants that can show thumbs to the aging of the skin.

The biggest problem for the skin is acne and eating guava is a great way to prevent it. Because experts have shown that guava is effective in preventing acne. In particular, the juice of guava leaves can be applied on the acne-prone area to prevent acne. This is because of the bacteria that cause acne, guava extract can get rid of all the bacteria. This is because guava has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Guava increases eyesight

Guava contains an adequate amount of vitamin A which enhances eyesight. It not only prevents vision loss but also improves eyesight. May help to slow down cataracts and macular degeneration. Although guava is not as rich in vitamin A as carrot, guava is a very good source of nutrition. Because there are many health benefits of guava in terms of eyesight.

Guava is beneficial for pregnant women

Guava is very useful for pregnant women. This is because guava contains a lot of folic acids which is a very important ingredient for pregnant women. Also, guava contains vitamin B9 which is always recommended for pregnant women.

This is because vitamin B9 helps in the development of the nervous system of the fetus in women. Even guava can protect the newborn from nervous illness.

Guava relieves toothache

Guava contains several anti-inflammatory ingredients that relieve toothache. Guava's anti-bacterial properties work great against germs in the teeth, gums or in the mouth. Therefore, you can easily use guava as a home remedy for toothache.

Guava reduces stress

You probably know what to do when you're under stress. It is also important to know that guava contains a lot of magnesium which helps to relax the muscles and nerves in the body. As a result, it plays an important role in reducing stress.

So, guava after hard work can certainly help to relax your muscles, deal with stress, and strengthen your physical system.

Guava increases brain power

The brain needs the role of vitamins B3 and B6 which are known as niacin and pyridoxine. Guava contains both of these vitamin B groups. Therefore, eating guava regularly will help increase the blood circulation in your brain and make it functional and strong. Guava is necessary to increase the relaxation and cognitive power of the nerves of the brain. Manoj.

Last word

Guava is a fruit that is found in almost all countries. However, its country of origin is Central America. It is an oval fruit that is usually light green in color, while some guavas are slightly or dark yellow in color.

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Tactfully look after your child

Tactfully look after your child

 Chidl helath tips

Every parent is proud of their child. Every mother and father wants their children to study and be human. The rich and the poor all want to be proud of their children. Watch your child. Your child will not always be within your reach. It is normal to go to school and play. You too will be busy with your work. If you find fault with your child, don't sit back and pretend not to see. Then with your indulgence, he may one day get involved in a much bigger crime. The child cannot always be ruled, but rule him for a while. Many parents are seen to be a little more cautious, suspicious of their child, but this is not the right way. Let's not know how you should treat the child?

1. Trust your child, trust his work, your child can be emotionally broken if you don’t trust your child. And when he breaks down mentally, it will lead him to a big crime.

2. Make your child confident. Don't hurt him by saying, "You can't do this," "You can't do this," "You can't do this." Then he will lose confidence in any work. You should encourage him. Whatever you do, you can do, if you can't, no one can. Then he will get a lot more encouragement, will focus on work.

Tactfully look after your child

3. Do not put extra pressure on your child. He's fast, why couldn't you be? Why didn't you get a chance at such a medical? What are you doing? These will bring worse than good. Always keep him stress-free.

4. Keep track of where your child is going. Find out who your child is with.

5. Don't say no to drugs. Teach your child not to say no. Be aware of yourself then make your child aware. Highlight the harmful aspects of drugs.

6. Find out what your child wants to be. Let him be what he wants to be, let him be the teacher he wants to be. Do not force anything against his will.

7. Refrain from intimidating your child. Don't scare him.

8. Rule a little at a time. The child can be ruled as much as he can be loved. Do so. Refrain from the excessive rule. If you find any crime, rule lightly and explain it well. Don't overdo it again. If you get more caress, there may be a possibility of Badar.

9. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Let him know that this is not good. Explain.

Tactfully look after your child

10. If you have two children, treat them equally. Don't be one-eyed. Do not compare one with the other. Let them go their own way. Don’t make them more or less into anything. Cherish both equally. This will keep their minds strong.

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How to improve your health and fitness

 How to improve your health and fitness

health and fitness
health and fitness

Search Personal trainer Ben Longley gives you some tips on health and fitness so that you can reach your goals as soon as possible.

The world of fitness is full of myths and misconceptions. We are constantly bombarded with announcements and articles about new diets and training methods.
I have been working as a personal trainer for more than 12 years and I always end up talking to people about the same thing. Here are a few concepts that will help you lead a healthier life and get fitter.
1. There are no shortcuts or magic pills when it comes to losing weight or improving health and fitness

What is possible is to speed up the process, avoid mistakes, and make the most of the effort. The bottom line is to work hard and be disciplined. The secret is to use the most effective methods.

2. Scales are not the most appropriate way to control fat loss


Unless you have to lose 10-15 kg, a scale won't give you much useful information. These devices do not distinguish between muscle and fat. Gaining muscle is a good thing, but a scale won't tell you this!

3. Pain is okay but not an indicator of effective training

Just because you're sore the next day doesn't mean you've done a good workout. The amount of pain depends on the person, how your body responds to exercise.

4. Bad training can end in injury

Bad training can end in injury

This fact is sometimes overlooked. Quality in movement and technique is not very glamorous, but it can make the difference between success and failure. What's more, a bad training technique can translate into a chronic injury.

5. There is nothing more important than your attitude

If you are willing to do anything and have a positive attitude, you will get results. A negative attitude will not get you anywhere. There is a direct relationship between attitude and success, no matter your genetics or natural ability.

6. Don't think that because you are older, your physical form will decline

None of us will live forever, but bad habits certainly don't help. More important than your age is your lifestyle, practicing behavior that is healthy for your body.

Is smoking for 10 years more harmful than smoking for five years? Of course, it does and this has nothing to do with age.

7. Exercise should be like brushing your teeth

Brushing our teeth is not an exciting activity but we do it several times a day. And we don't wash them 12 times a week and then only once the next week. In the same way, exercise should be part of your routine.

8. There are many variables that contribute to health and fitness

There are people who have a genetic predisposition to be slim and in good shape. Some people have eaten badly all their lives and are now trying to acquire good eating habits. In the end, some people have to work harder than others to achieve the same results. We are all different. It is important to know where you are and where you want to go. Properly combine diet and exercise.

9. Rest is as important as exercising

 Rest is as important as exercising

A healthy meal after exercising, sleeping seven to nine hours, reducing stress, and resting are vital to achieving optimal results. Results are not achieved by exercising but by recovering from exercise.

10. You are what you eat

What you eat (or don't eat) may be the most important aspect when it comes to health and fitness.

Think about the quality of what you eat. If they are fruits and vegetables, how have they been cultivated? If it is an animal, how was it bred? Were you always in a cage? Did you eat grass or just think? Did they inflate him with hormones and antibiotics? Your food depends on the health of the plant or animal from which it comes. You are what you eat.

11. If you look for it, you will always have an excuse

Remember that there will always be someone in worse conditions than you who are still achieving their goals.

12. Results do not arrive linearly

Your body doesn't work that way. Sometimes there is no choice but to keep the monotony of eating well and training and then not lose faith in the final process. Don't expect to notice progress after a week. There will come a time when you feel that you have lost fat or are stronger. Accept the sacrifice.

13. There are many ways to improve your diet.

Not everyone has to follow the same eating plan, but the fundamental principles are the same: eat whole natural foods, avoid processed products, give your body the necessary nutrients to maintain health, and burn unwanted fat.

14. Your current fitness status depends largely on what you eat and do every day

The same will happen to you in five or 10 years. What do you eat and what do you do every day? What do you need to change to achieve your health and fitness goals?

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Tips for a healthy lifestyle

Tips for a healthy lifestyle


Our lives are becoming more complicated day by day. It is difficult to maintain physical fitness due to busy schedules, study stress, and many other reasons. However, living a healthy life is possible only by following certain rules.

The key to a beautiful and healthy life is to eat well and get enough exercise. There is a need for more balance between the two. Problems can occur if anyone is more or less. So in order to stay healthy, you have to emphasize on good food as well as physical exercise. Here are 7 tips to get long term benefits. This will benefit your healthy lifestyle body and mind.

Eat according to the rules:

 It is very important to differentiate between eating when you are hungry or eating when you want. Beware of food when you are under extreme stress or angry or even if you are very happy. This time you eat uncontrollably. Stop watching TV or using mobile phones while eating. The mind feeds and eats. If you do not pay attention to what you eat, you will eat more.

Exercise at the right time:

You have repeatedly heard about the importance of exercise because regular exercise is beneficial not only for the body but also for the mind. Regular yoga and exercise increase the flow of hormones to stay well. Make time for exercise, just as you would for your work, meetings, or other needs.

Food cannot be discarded:

 Do not skip meals in the rush to lose weight. This will not only get the necessary nutrients to the body but will also be the cause of your various physical complications, the habit of not eating this food. Not eating once means eating more during the second meal. Eat regular vegetables, vegetables, and maintain controlled sugar levels.

Drink plenty of water:

 I like to drink juice or soda with dinner or at lunch. However, try to drink water instead of soda or juice. The benefits of water are innumerable. Water keeps you fresh without any calorie exchange.

 Fast food eating trends should be eliminated:

 It is normal to be greedy for various junk foods and chocolates. Remember that in order to lead a healthy life, it is better to omit some things from time to time. Eat on a special occasion, but only on occasion.

Greed control:

 It's good to sit at the dinner table and taste everything. But remember, try everything and don't be greedy and eat too much. How much you eat depends on him but many things of the body.

Start now! And keep changing gradually.

Gradual changes in our lifestyle are easier to take care of than major changes introduced all directly . for 3 days, we could write down the foods and drinks we consume throughout the day, and make a note of the quantity of movement we made. It won’t be difficult to identify where we could improve.

Enjoy many fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are among the foremost important foods for giving us enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber. we should always attempt to erode least 5 servings each day . for instance, a glass of fresh fruit crush at breakfast, perhaps an apple and a bit of watermelon as snacks, and an honest portion of various vegetables at each meal.

tips for men's health

tips for men's health

mens's health
men's health 

A symbol that identifies the masculine sex and that as it is sensible to the society about determining the diseases that affect the salute of the elves, as the prostheses of the prosthesis and the pathology of the mind as the depression, among others. For now, since A.Vogel we have explained a series of suggestions to the varones with the finesse of a good salute.

Sigue a balanced alimentation

To avoid many of the afflictions that can affect the humbles, the first step is to maintain a healthy diet with fresh fruits and veggies, treats with a lot of fiber, legumes, fresh fruits, and Azul, as well. It is important to take away the saturation of our men, or that you can get rid of pathologies like obesity.

Bebe agua

This is classic advice, but it is essential to take the practice with the object of a good salute. In general, it is important to take two liters of liquid to maintain the water and to have this function with normality.

Haz ejercicio fisico

In general, to have a good state of health, is fundamental to the realization of regular form. This form, not only controls the peso corporal, also eliminates the possibilities of some very ill, about all the relationships with the heart, the sobriety and the cerebro. And not only that, ayuda a mantener una buena salud mental, puesto que mejora el estado de ánimo y bienestar. Recommendable is to combine aerobics (rare, and rare) as anaerobics (levantamiento de pesas, por ejemplo).

Duerme bien

The descent is impressive to the hora often a good salute. For this, the humbles do not need dormitory, the menus, the hors d'oeuvres, to be able to advance the day with energy. Don't let the sufferers get away with it, or don't let a continuum of form continue to cause problems like stress, anxiety, inclusion, depression.

Avita el alcohol, el tobacco e las babies carbonatadas.

It is said that there is no better way to use alcoholic beverages or azukaradas. In the case of Tomar Algo, you have to realize with a lot of moderation, you know that the more you know, the more likely you are to get infected. Asymmetrically, to destroy the most important things, like tobacco or drugs.

Cuida tu piel

It is not recommended to expose the decimal time to sol y, always realizing that, with the help of solar protection, aprodypa ropa and gafas for the protection of UVA rays. An over-exposure can cause you to feel the pain and, if you don't have any problems, provoke something, like a melanoma. To see the Tomar el sol, hay que seguir hidratando el Cuerpo, con crema accorded al Tipo de Piel de Cada persona.

Talk about your problems.

Compare with the number of people who confess their feelings is beneficial for the salute. Friends and family are here to help and they can always have a different vision of the problem. Adem wants, maintain this contact form of regular nos fortalece. However, there are situations that require professional help, although there is no need to worry. Of course, psychotherapy can be the best solution to avoid some pathologies as well as depression.

Acute al Medico

It is important to realize that medical check-ups are always there and do not expect that we will forget something else so that everyone can share their thoughts. As such, it often turns out to be a problem of salutation or it copes with the time to consider the added treatment.

Control the strings.

We have to keep this tranquil to escape the episodes of estrus or inside, that what is not consented to is another thing that goes beyond the corporal and, by the way, aims to make the possibilities of its effects effective. Take a positive and meditate on two of the exercises that have been practiced for the purpose of taking care of others.

Confidence in medicinal plants

If you have ever been infected with any disease, such as ornaments, there are prepositions like Sabal Serrulata, elaborate a base de extracto de sabal de cultivo biológico certificado, ke facilitan la micción. But not the only one.

Other plants, like the blank Espino, are one of the most useful tools to improve cardiovascular health, in the case of some pathology of this area.

He treats, for example, some simple changes in the style of life once, with the finesse of any type of disease. No problem, this is the basic premise of practicing in practice to get a good salute and a good quality of life.