7 foods that increase immunity in toddlers

7 foods that increase immunity in toddler

The number of such foods increases the immunity. We get the key to life through food. Without food, people cannot imagine. However, in order to survive well, the body must have immunity. And it helps to increase the capacity of food that we consume all the time.

There are billions of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi in our homes and outside. According to one study, only airborne viruses and bacteria are calculated at the rate of 0.9 in the dining room and 1.4 outside the room. Understand that if your body does not have immunity, you will be sick all year long.

There is nothing to be afraid of seeing germs, the creator has given a way to eliminate the disease as well. Your responsibility is just to know the way. In the meantime, we have discussed 12 ways to increase immunity. Today, we will discuss about 10 such foods that increase the immune system.

Seven foods that increase the immune system

1. Lemon meal enhances immunity

Lemon's name must have reminded you of Vitamin C. And you know what and why Vitamin C is needed. Be aware that lemon and lemon are the main sources of vitamin C. In addition, lemon is the source of vitamin B and beta-carotene. Lemon fruit is available all season. And one of those fruits is -

Paper, lemon or lemon
Lettuce lemon
The citric acid in the lemon gives it a sweet taste. The biggest quality of lemon, it increases your immunity. Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells. And these white blood cells fight against many harmful infections.

Lemon is capable of destroying cancer germs. Antioxidants in lemon keep your skin well. No germs can invade the skin. This lemon is capable of preventing various digestive disorders, such as bad digestion.

Our body cannot make vitamin C itself. For this reason, eating vitamin C is essential. And this vitamin is needed every day for the body. Therefore, you can place lemonade daily on the list of foods.

2. Cauliflower increases immunity

Cauliflower is rich in vitamins and minerals. Cauliflower contains vitamins A, C and E as well as antioxidants and fiber. This cauliflower is a source of calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron. You may be surprised to know that cauliflower is 2 times more available than cauliflower in cauliflower.

These vegetables are able to protect against cancer, tumors, blood pressure, lungs and various stomach diseases. Cauliflower antioxidants can protect body cells from various harmful germs. As a result, the chances of cancer or skin disease are reduced.

Also, in cauliflower-

27 calories
24 mg calcium
16 grams of magnesium
2 grams of protein
51.6 grams of vitamin C
0.3 g fat
61 micro grams of folate
5 mg carbohydrate
47 mg phosphorus
2.1 mg of fiber
0.197 micro gram Vitamin B6
2 mg of sugar
16.6 micro grams of vitamin K
Therefore, in order to increase the immunity this winter vegetables should be eaten regularly.

3. Garlic enhances immunity

Garlic is part of our daily diet. Without garlic, the cooking step is not complete. But this garlic not only enhances the taste of food, but also prevents disease by satisfying our many essential vitamin deficiencies. Garlic contains zinc, calcium, sugar and vitamin C.

This garlic is able to prevent various diseases of the bones including worms, digestive aids, asthma prevention. According to one study, garlic helps reduce blood pressure and keep the veins good. The key to increasing the immunity of garlic is that it contains sulfuric material, such as allicin.

Some more information about garlic-

The scientific name of garlic is Allium sativum.
China is the largest producer of garlic in the world.
Garlic protects against abdominal cramps, reduces abdominal fat
Garlic helps reduce harmful cholesterol.
Garlic Heavy is useful for the heart.
The use of garlic to increase sexual arousal is very ancient.
Garlic is used to make glue or super glue.

4. Yellow enhances immunity

Yellow like garlic is the main ingredient in our salad cooking. However, the spice of this bitter taste has been used for years as a medicine for treating acute pain and bone pain.

In addition, studies have shown that yellow cur cumin helps to reduce muscle loss due to yellow. Therefore, the importance of turmeric in enhancing bone immunity is of immense importance.

Some more information about yellow-

The scientific name of yellow is Curium longs.
Sir Lanka is the largest producer of yellow.
Turmeric is used to heal cut-off wounds.
Yellow was thought to be ancestor of the Enlightenment.
5. Ginger enhances immunity
The use of ginger as medicine for the sick patient has been around since then. Ginger is mainly useful for sore throat or vomiting. Ginger helps reduce throat and other inflammatory illnesses. In addition, ginger also works well to reduce nausea.

Ginger can help reduce chronic pain and is proven to be cholesterol-lowering. Therefore, people who suffer from various types of pain-related diseases can eat ginger regularly.

Some more information about ginger-

The scientific name of ginger is Zingier officialese.
Ginger is not a spice tree, but a branch of a tree.
The ginger tree is no more than 5 feet tall.
China is the largest producer of ginger in the world

6. Papaya

Papaya contains adequate amounts of potassium, vitamin B and folate. All ingredients in papaya are beneficial to your overall health. Papaya is packed with vitamin C.

It is possible to get 225 percent of the amount of vitamin C required daily from papaya. Papaya contains a digestive enzyme called papain, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. That is, papaya is able to relieve the irritation of your stomach.

Some more information about Pepe-

Pep's scientific name is Carica papaya.
The original residence of Pepe is found in Mexico, the neighboring american, presently in all countries.
Papaya pantheon is celebrated in America one day in September.
The main ingredient of the Meat Tenderizer, known as white powder, is Pepe.

7. Green Tea

Both Green and Black teas contain a type of antioxidant, flavonoid. But the amount of epigallocatechin gallate and other powerful antioxidant EGCG is high in green tea. EGCG plays a role in increasing immunity.

Green tea is a good source of amino acids L-thananin. L-Theanine helps to eliminate germs in our body's cells. In addition, Green Tea protects against weight loss, heart attacks and many brain disorders.

Some more information about Green Tea-

The scientific name for green tea is Camellia sinensis.

Green Tea and Black Tea are collected from the same tree.

Many people think Green Tea comes from Japan, which is actually Green Tea's main country, China.

From the third to the sixth centuries, green tea was considered a royal beverage.

Green tea is sometimes bitter, because it contains a substance called Tannins.

The last word

This was a discussion of six foods that increase immunity. There are many other foods besides the above mentioned foods. In addition, fruits and vegetables of different seasons protect the germ of the season from germs. Therefore, it is important to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to increase immunity.

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