10 tips to strengthen your health as a woman

10 tips to strengthen your health as a woman

The Bueso Arias Laboratory social area was the perfect setting for Dr. Georgina González from Mediscan to give an important talk on "Integral Women's Health".
During it, I address the topic of Breast Cancer Prevention, offering wise tips for living a healthy life, among her recommendations are:

1. Know your risk factors

2. Practice breast self-examination at least once a week.

3. Visit your doctor once a year for your physical exam.

4. If you are over 40 years old, have a mammography study.

5. Always ask if your mammography study needs any additional exploration.

6. The result of your medical exams should always be correlated under a medical consultation.

7. Any complementary study must be indicated by the radiologist or treating physician.

8. The mammography study is a follow-up examination, it is important to compare them.

9. Lead a healthy lifestyle.

10. Exercise regularly and adapt it according to age and physical condition.

The health day included the practice of yoga exercises, which help the relaxation of the body and mind. At the end, a healthy snack was offered for the guests who attended the event that afternoon.
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