Make a forecast of how to use the weather map

               Make a forecast of how to use the weather map

the weather map meteorological information


 The purpose of the lesson is to use the weather map meteorological information, along with various weather map traces, to predict weather events and provide a mock forecast. Intended to show how data is collected and analyzed.  They use this same technique to analyze weather data. By building a web at the beginning of the lesson, they can complete an evaluation where they complete another web, this time, outlining the steps to create a forecast.



Given the wind speed and direction information of a weather station model from various locations around the United States, accurately label the map with high and low-pressure zone locations.

Given the temperature data on a United States isotherm map, choose the right border from the four types of border and draw it on the map so that a prediction can be produced.



    NOAA Jet Stream Website at https: //www.srh.noaa.govNOAA    NOAA Jetstream Online School for Background Information for Weather    Daily newspaper weather section (sends lessons at least 5 days a week)   

Materials required for the lesson

The teacher must collect daily newspaper forecasts for 5 days in advance of the lesson.

Teachers will also print daily isotherm, frontal, and pressure maps from the AMS datastream site.

A computer projector (and a computer) will be helpful to review online at Jetstream School.

Students will have access to colored pencils and access online through a computer or library.

Students will need a KWL chart to fill in the beginning, middle, and end of the class.

Will show a video of a weather report that includes weather maps. While watching the essential question, students will watch the video - "How do scientists collect and report data to create weather reports?". Also included will be a demonstration of various weather equipment including a barometer, thermometer, airspeed indicator (anemometer), thermometer, weather equipment shelter, and weather satellite and the resulting image photos.

Students will then form a cohesive group to create a web of all parts of the weather report. Includes methods and tools used to collect weather information and elements of weather maps and forecast reports. The students made some of the main points that they made with the teacher. Teachers record information on the board and ask to discuss in class what they think is the best way to create a web.

Once the video segment is viewed, students will follow a series of steps to analyze the weather map. Students will fill out the QLL chart as they watch the weather videos.
Once they are complete, they will be able to test their predictions based on predictions from the teacher's newspaper they have already collected.


The assessment will be a CURRENT square day weather map, printed by the teacher in the morning, and students have to forecast the weather the next day, in the same pair-part group, students will create a minute forecast report as they would on TV.

Remedies and reviews

Make a habit of reading Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature data on a standard alcohol thermometer.Show students a model of a building or doll. The use of scientific models to explain the concept.
Get a weather map on the Datastreme site and distribute it to students so they can see an example of a

 real weather map.

Introduce students to an online Jetstream site and a weather map section. Students will record different parts of a station model.
Find a station model and record temperature, pressure, wind speed, etc. for a data table. Describe to a partner the various conditions present in that city. Optional-use laptop computer, instant messaging is a comprehensive partner about your city's condition.
Use a simplified map to locate the isotherm line on a weather map. Combine the same temperature with 10 degrees F with different shades of colored pencils. Create a key for color Analyze the map where there are different air masses and try to outline a frontier using the correct marks taught in a Jetstream online course.   



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