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food tips to lose belly fat

            food tips to lose belly fat

food tips to lose belly fat

In summer our diet changes, above all, in order to feel a little lighter, or perhaps to reach the famous "bikini operation". In any case, the truth is that we take much more into account what we eat, for example, if we eat a lot of foods rich in protein or, on the contrary, we take a lot of carbohydrates. And above all, what we want to get rid of in summer is the "tummy".However, this tends to get complicated so here we tell you 7 tips to lose abdominal fat.

1. Drink green tea

One of the first tips to lose abdominal fat is to drink green tea considered "the healthiest drink in the world" and therefore, the one that will help us burn fat in very localized and complicated areas such as the belly. 

In fact, it not only has the ability to help us lose fat, but its benefits are many others as it is composed of many antioxidants and nutrients. Some of these effects include an improvement in brain function and a decreased risk of cancer.

The ideal time to have a cup of green tea can be before breakfast as it helps detoxify the body, and also, thanks to caffeine, it helps to activate our metabolism. It is also considered advisable to have a cup 20 minutes before both lunch and dinner.

2. Perform frequent physical activity

Second, to lose abdominal fat, what we really need is to do physical activity on a regular basis. We could follow the rest of the advice, but without putting our body in motion, we will not be able to get rid of the "extra" weight.

As for the exercises for the loss of fat in the belly, it is fundamentally recommended to perform abdominals of various types, as well as other typical ones such as the planks. In addition, we will need to perform a cardiovascular activity so that our body truly burns fat, such as running, rope, treadmill, or any similar activity.

3. Eat healthily

In the same way, in addition to physical activity, we need to eat healthy to lose abdominal fat effectively. Consequently, we have to eliminate from our diet all those highly caloric, ultra-processed foods and therefore, with a large number of sugars, that is, eliminate "simple" or "bad" carbohydrates. On the contrary, our diet has to be rich in legumes, vegetables, and fruits.

4. Bet on foods rich in fiber

Another of the main tips to lose abdominal fat is to eat enough foods rich in fiber in order to help our intestinal transit. Some of the foods richest in fiber are:

Olive oil




Green bean


Boiled potato


Garbanzo beans

We can also choose to consume seeds such as sesame, flaxseed, and chia, adding 1 tablespoon to each meal. Nor should we forget to drink water on a regular basis (the recommended two liters).

5. Use a reducing cream

Within this list of 7 tips to lose abdominal fat is to use a reducing cream. We recall again that it is useless to follow only one of all the tips presented. It is recommended to pay attention to all the indications, and therefore, it will be useless to use the reducing cream and not comply with the rest of the guidelines.

To be effective we need to perform localized massages on the belly daily. This will help activate blood circulation and shape our abdomen. When choosing the cream that we will use, we need to take into account that caffeine or methyl nicotinate is present, necessary to burn fat.

6. Avoid stress

Avoiding stress is one of the most important tips for losing belly fat, and yet the least overlooked. The scientific explanation that relates stress to abdominal fat is as follows: chronic stress causes the level of cortisol (the "stress hormone") in your body to increase substantially and have a great impact on the endocrine system. 

Consequently, there is an accumulation of fat in the belly. In this way, using relaxation practices can have a very positive impact on our abdomen.

7. Get plenty of rest

Finally, to lose abdominal fat we need to rest well and enough (those 8 hours that scientists talk about). In fact, there are studies in this regard, such as the Harvard Medical School, which assures that if you sleep little you burn 8% fewer calories, which translates into gaining 5.5 kilos a year.

In addition, it must be taken into account that lack of sleep alters leptin and ghrelin, which are the hormones that regulate appetite. Consequently, this will mean being hungrier throughout the day.

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Healthy habits for children

 Healthy habits for children

Healthy habits for children

Healthy habits in children should be taught from a really young age and perhaps with them for the remainder of their lives.

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating, workout , and private hygiene.


Acquiring healthy habits in children during this regard will lead them to take care of a healthy lifestyle once they are adults and can help prevent certain health problems like obesity, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and a few sorts of cancer.

Don't skip breakfast. This could be the foremost important meal of the day, it should include cereals, fruit and a few foodstuffs .

Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, reduce proteins (eat meat and fish 3 times a week), incorporate cereals daily.

Involving children within the purchase of food and alluring them to cook with you, that creates them more willing to consume the food that they prepare themselves.

Snacks are a part of a healthy diet, provided they're scheduled and at specific times of the day as a nutritious snack that has some cookies amid fruit or yogurt.

Meals should be done as a family, it should be a pleasing time, it's important to "eat slowly", because the brain sends the signal of satiety about 20 minutes after eating. Preventing the kid from eating while watching TV makes them not concentrate to the sensation of fullness and overeating.

2) workout

Performing physical activities is useful for physical and emotional health, it must be present within the daily routine of youngsters .

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) being healthy is "the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of disease." The kid who exercises regularly (at least an hour of physical activity most days of the week) is more likely to steer a healthy life and better physical development.

Exercise provides benefits at any age, within the case of youngsters , it reduces the danger of being overweight, since exercise helps control fat within the body. Lower risk of type 2 diabetes and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Children who practice workout as a family foster their self-esteem and bond with their parents.

Reducing the amount of hours you spend ahead of the tv , video games, or computer increases your physical activity. It's important to possess a schedule for these activities and it's not recommended that they be ahead of the tv or other device for quite 2 hours each day .


Drinking water is important to eliminate toxins and hydrate all the organs of the body. Water should be the drink of the entire family at every meal.

A juvenile body is formed from 80% water which of an adult 65%. Therefore, children require a better fluid intake

Generally, during the primary months of life and through breastfeeding, babies don't have to drink water, except when it's extremely popular or they need diarrhea or fever. But as children grow, their intake should be increased, with a requirement of 800-1000 ml in Babies between 6 and 12 months and within the case of youngsters between 11 and 18 years old, 2 liters per day. (6 to eight glasses).

It is important that they get into the habit of drinking even once they aren't thirsty, so offer them a glass of water every morning before breakfast and after every meal. Place water bottles inaccessible areas (the table where you study, TV room, or dining room). At meals, put a pitcher of water on the table and avoid sugary sodas and juices.


Children should spend longer playing and fewer watching television. Playing helps them develop and acquire new skills. The sport also improves their cognitive abilities and social relationships.

Play together with your children for a minimum of half-hour a day , it's essential for the event and emotional bond between the 2 .

When the tv isn't being watched, it's to be turned off. this will distract children and that they can see programs that they weren't curious about before.

read more 10 Tips For Adults On Healthy Lifestyles


Dental hygiene is one among the habits that ought to be instilled from a really young age. it's true that it's often the foremost complicated, but you've got to form them to understand the importance of brushing your teeth correctly.

You should start from the primary teeth, buy an appropriate brush for babies and introduce it in their mouth without toothpaste and moistened with water in order that they get want to it. Let the kid brush his teeth with the oldsters and inform them that they ought to roll in the hay after eating to get rid of any food debris.


Sleep is as important as nutrition within the development and growth of the kid . it's essential to determine a schedule for getting to bed.

The hours of sleep also vary with the age of the kid , in children of 1-2 years, they sleep between 10 and 12 hours during the night and about 3 hours during the day (nap), and youngsters of 3-6 years: they sleep about 10 hours in the dark and naps usually suppress during the day.

For children to sleep well, a routine should be created before getting to bed in order that they already know that bedtime will come soon. it's important that they are going to bed at an equivalent time every day .

Before getting to sleep avoid activities that stimulate you. The bedroom should be a quiet place without noise or an excessive amount of light.


Clean hands reduce the risk of contracting illnesses such as colds, flu and other infections by up to 50%.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 5,000 minor children die every day in the world as a result of diarrheal diseases; partly due to contaminated water, lack of basic sanitation facilities and poor hygiene practices.

Children play and touch everything, so it is necessary to teach them to wash their hands after playing, when they sneeze, before and after eating, when they go to the bathroom or when they pet an animal. Even as babies they can learn this habit just by watching their parents wash their hands.

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how to become a successful woman

 how to become a successful woman

how to become a successful woman

Modern women must face many challenges so as to achieve the workplace to realize professional success. However, repeatedly the most challenges to beat don't come from outside, but from the insecurities that they'll have in their mind. This is often stated by Cecilia Riviera, Avon's vice chairman of Sales in Mexico, Central America, and therefore the Dominican Republic.

A nimbly-to-realize girl is one who is one hundred PC glad the entire the roles she performs, who feels excellent approximately herself, taking into account the era she dedicates to all of her behavior and go what she has achieved. and she or he has reached as high in her professional career as she has wanted without having to form sacrifices, without regrets, "she told

According to figures from Kelly Services Mexico, only 40 percent of senior management positions in the country are held by women. A figure that contrasts sharply with the 40 percent of female executives in countries like Norway.

So what can a woman do to stand out in the business world, be it as an entrepreneur or as an executive?

Cecilia Riviera assures that there are myths such as the existence of the glass ceiling, a real or imaginary limit that stops the progress of women within a company.

In some cases it does exist and we put it vis--vis ourselves. Those of us who in fact have nonexistence to achieve a professional layer considering all that this implies, we achieve it , said the interviewee.

 The low sense of women as regards the boards of directors of companies is a huge irony if one considers that, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), women entrepreneurs contribute muggy to 40 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP ).

 We asked Cecilia Riviera to share five tips that from her experience as an accurately-to-lead woman can assist tallying entrepreneurs to attain doer.

5 tips to be a successful woman

  •  Believe in yourself. It is necessary to know that you can achieve all you set out to reach.

  • Get to know yourself. Don't struggle to ask your belt, connections, therapist, or mentor for by now to true anything you non appearance to fiddle in the middle of for the enlarged.

  • Plan your computer graphics. Remember that finishing is not a matter of fate, but the result of the decisions you make all daylight.

  • Always prioritize. Never sacrifice the stages of your vigor, upon the contrary, scheme them adeptly to make the most of them. 

  • Always be yourself. There is no bigger key to the hard work of a lady than maintaining the triumph to sufficiently be each of her facets as a mother, wife, buddy and meting out.

 We American entrepreneurs are intensely capable and adept women, considering fears and beliefs about having to pick one dynamism or substitute. Those women who, either out of necessity or because of a determined lack to succeed, have tried to collective ourselves are extremely glad, concluded the interviewee.   

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How to earn extra money as a stay at home mom: 16 business ideas

 How to earn extra money as a stay at home mom: 16 business ideas

earn  money

Working moms are the rule rather than the exception. Seventy percent of moms who have children under 18 and more than 75% of those moms work full time. Earning money while educating your children requires a job that allows you to accommodate the demands of your busy life. Many moms need jobs that allow them to earn extra money while staying at home. has made a selection of ways in which you can make money from home. Although most of these ideas require a computer and internet access, many of our suggestions require no investment to get started and require little or no extra education. Check out the following 16 options.

  • 1. Virtual tutor

Being a virtual tutor is a great way for moms to create convenient schedules and use their expertise on different topics from the comfort of their home. Virtual tutors use FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other technologies.

Tutorials do not require certifications, although most companies that can hire you will ask for a college degree or some demonstration of experience in the field with an exam or something similar. 

Many tutor companies offer online training modules. If you already have some experience teaching or tutoring, that's a great way to start. In the United States, the average salary for an online tutor is $ 17.72 an hour. Do some research on salaries in your area so you can set a fair price.

The tutors most in demand are math (all grade levels), physics, chemistry, biology, and English.

You can create a virtual profile for tutor companies that will allow you to get in touch with your clients, or you can bet on certain clients who are looking for tutors. Check out some markets or tutoring companies like Wyzant, Tutor, Revolution Prep, and Course Hero.

Another great opportunity could be to give Spanish classes to foreigners who are in the country. And if you know English, you could also teach it in countries that demand this language a lot like China.

  • 2. Telemarketing

We've all received calls from telemarketers trying to sell us anything, and most end up with us hanging up the phone. But the advantages of this type of work is that you can do it from home and the hours can be very flexible, allowing you to balance your life as a mother. 

You also don't need to have a college degree or excessive training, so the barrier to entry is relatively low.

What you probably need for this job that requires making a lot of calls to sell products, take surveys or request donations, is to have good diction, be kind, and very social. And if you have some sales experience it is an advantage for you.

On average, in the United States, a telemarketer can earn up to $ 16.08 an hour. To find these types of jobs you can search on sites like Upwork, Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed or FlexJobs. Type "telemarketing" in the search field and enter your geographic location.

  • 3. Transcripts

A transcriptionist literally transcribes text or audio, and while this may sound simple, the job requires skills to write quickly and accurately. Another thing you will need to get the job done is good headphones, a computer, and a word processor like Word. 

A pedal that controls the audio or video can be helpful as well. Transcription work can be great for a mom's lifestyle because it can be done remotely and doesn't require much training to get started.

However, you must be aware that Even if it seems that you only have to write, the work requires all your concentration. This option is ideal for parents who have children at school or who have family members who can take care of them while you work.

Transcription work is a daily thing and the load can vary from day to day unless you work for a specific company rather than freelance. The average floor for this type of work in the United States is $ 15.30 an hour. 

If you are interested in building a more stable path for these types of opportunities, such as doing medical transcripts that tend to pay more, you will require a little more training.

To get started, search for “transcripts” on job search sites like Glassdoor. Or you can sign up as a freelancer on sites like TranscribeMe, GoTranscript, UpWork, and Scribie.

  • 4. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant does remote tasks in fascinating industries, yet her core job is clerical. Most of us have booked a trip, arranged catering for a meeting, made an expense report, kept a calendar, done a general search for something, and many other kinds of administrative tasks. 

These are some of the skills you will want to highlight to get these types of jobs, along with any other type of administrative or corporate experience you have.

The beauty of this job is that it can be done from home, and it can be done on a freelance basis, with some jobs lasting a day, a week, or even months. 

The average salary for this position in the United States is $ 15.57 an hour, and like any assistant, virtual assistants have to be good with the computer, very organized, and capable of delivering what is asked of them.

Being nice on the phone and in the mail also helps. You can start your search for these types of positions by searching for “virtual assistant” on sites like FlexJobs, UpWork,, ZipRecruiter, and

  • 5. Nanny

The babysitting job has several roles such as picking up children from school or their extra classes, helping them with homework, feeding, and bathing them. In other words, the responsibilities that any mom and dad are familiar with.

 Working full-time as a babysitter may be difficult for a stay-at-home mom, but a part-time job can work very well depending on your schedule and the age of the children you are caring for (and yours. own).

And there will always be the option of having a nursery in your home (although you will require several permits and procedures). If you want to avoid the bureaucracy of daycare, a part-time babysitting job can work for you.

You can offer your services to your acquaintances and through professional networks. Put flyers or posters in places where parents are such as schools or playgrounds (of course you must first ask permission to do so).

In the United States, babysitting salaries vary depending on responsibilities (such as whether you have to tutor in some subject) and geographic location. On average, in 2016 wages were at $ 13.97 an hour according to a survey conducted by

  • 6. Customer service

This part-time position has a fairly low barrier to entry and is very useful for moms and dads who want to work from home and don't have time for additional training or education. 

The job of a customer service representative is generally to take calls and help customers. The work is shift work, and since you will be interacting with a lot of people on the phone, an advantage is being able to remain calm, friendly, and solution-oriented because customers are often angry or frustrated.

This position usually requires some prior experience, so any experience you may have in customer service areas is worth highlighting when applying. 

Most customer service representative jobs already include some training. The average wage in the United States is $ 16 an hour.

To start looking for this type of job, search websites using the words "customer service" and "customer service specialist."

  • 7. Online expert

The economy and the supply of freelancers have opened up a whole online market for moms who can sell their expertise online. 

Moms with professional degrees in different industries such as accounting, law, medicine, social science, writing, marketing, or veterinary medicine can create their profiles for clients to select from.

One of the places you can start is the clarify.FM platform, where experts earn money for every minute they speak directly to customers, either by phone or online. 

Or you can sell your expertise on JustAnswer, where potential clients post questions and registered experts (like doctors, lawyers, engineers, and many more) bet to answer them.

Other platforms to sell your experience can make you leave home: Fiverr, TaskRabbit, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon Home Services, and Upwork. These markets vary in rank and the experience required also fluctuates, as does the pay.

Another way moms can sell their expertise online is by creating a class in their field (personal finance, public speaking, or collecting donations). This requires a lot of previous work, such as recording videos, creating an agenda, and of course, tasks for the students.

However, once you have it ready, all you have to do is upload your class online and keep a percentage of the sales. Some platforms to do this are Zeqr, Skillshare, and Uscreen. Payment models vary, but generally, you get a percentage of sales combined with royalties for minutes spent.

  • 8. Social media consultant

Social media consultants make money by collecting information about a company's strategy and its presence on the Internet (evaluating the quality and relevance of its ads, search results, and news feeds). Moms can do this type of work from home, as long as they have a computer or smartphone with internet access.

But we must warn you that some of the disadvantages of this type of work is that the hiring process is usually quite impersonal (entirely digital) and it can take several weeks before you start working. The advantages are that the hours are flexible and the work is very simple.

The average salary range is $ 10 to $ 14 an hour, depending on where you are located. You can start looking for such jobs on sites like Glassdoor, FlexJobs, and Indeed, by typing in "social media consultant" or "social media consultant."

  • 9. The Market researcher

Companies want your opinion and are willing to pay for it. For most of these jobs, you will not need to leave the house, but you will need a computer or smartphone with Internet access. However, the salary for this type of work varies. 

For example, an online researcher can earn $ 10 for a test that takes 15 minutes. So it will depend on how many evaluations you can do in a day because the reality is that most likely you are not doing test after test all day.

Here are a variety of ways you can participate in market research:

Website Evaluator: You provide feedback on apps and sites for an average of $ 10 for each completed evaluation, which takes you between 10 and 15 minutes. Some companies that offer this type of work are, Whatusersdo, UserTest, Userfeel, Startuplift, and Analysis.

Become a mister and shopper: You earn money for visiting stores and reporting your experience. In the United States, the average salary for a mystery shopper is $ 14.81 an hour. Find more information at the Mystery Shopper Providers Association, Market Force, Best Mark, Sinclair Customer Metrics, and Experience Exchange.

Join a study group or a focus group: companies will pay you to sit in groups and answer questions from the point of view of consumers, from an hour to all day. 

The pay varies depending on the industry and the time invested. You can sign up for these types of jobs at SIS International, Focus Group, Focus Groups, Global Strategy Group, and

Fill out online surveys: Register your information on market research sites and they will contact you when there is a survey that matches your profile. Here are some places where you can sign up: MyPoints, Survey Junkie, Pinecone, Survey Spot, and Opinion Outpost.

10. Sale of crafts online

Are you good with crafts? Maybe you can sell unique designs in online stores like Etsy, or other lesser-known sites like Amazon Handmade, Bonanza, Craft Is Art, ArtFire, Artcra, and Zibbet (or Kichink in Mexico). 

Most of these sites charge a small amount for offering your items and a percentage of each sale you make (on Etsy it is 3.5 percent).

If you decide to go this way, do not offer your products only on Etsy, since it is a highly competitive market and the initial costs are usually very low. 

You would have to sell tons of units to make it worth it. Offer your items in four-five stores, including Etsy, which offers more exposure, and decide which ones you want to be in.

Another way is to start your own online store, although you may have to pay a monthly subscription and manage to put the store, something that can be very difficult for people who are not very good with technology. You can use platforms like eCrater and Big Cartel to get started.

The advantage for moms is that once they have their store ready and their inventory in order, the sales process is a bit passive until you make the first sale and have to make the shipment. However, if you offer custom designs, then you will have to consider the labor you require to make your pieces as well as the money you need for the materials. The money you make in these types of ventures varies, so try to be conservative with your expenses at the beginning. 

You will want to test and evaluate if there is a true market for your crafts and not limit yourself to online stores. Check to see if there are local stores or boutiques where you can display your items.

  • 11. Programming

Programming codes are simply a language that computers understand, resulting in software, apps, and websites. Programming is a general term but there are many different languages that you can learn. 

For example, JavaScript and HTML are the most common for developing websites. The advantage of programming from home is that you can set your own hours and the average salary of a programmer in the United States is $ 38.39 an hour.

The obvious part of programming is that it is a job that requires great skill. If you don't know any programming language you will need to learn it. This type of work tends to attract introverts who can recognize patterns and with a very particular sense of logic, so it is not for everyone. Like math, programming requires great attention to detail.

If you want to know which language you should learn, start with the ones that have been around the longest and haven't moved in recent years (the world of programming languages is changing rapidly). 

For example, JavaScript is used to build almost everything on the Internet and is often used to make websites and video games. Or all websites use HTML as the visual language that controls the appearance of the sites.

Although learning to code takes time, you can do it for free at Codecademy, an online learning platform that offers programming classes in 12 languages including JavaScript and Python, as well as HTML and CSS.

To find a job as a programmer, look on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster.

  • 12. Capture

Capture work may seem very technical, but it boils down to being able to dump accurate information into a computer. While it doesn't require prior experience or a college degree, it does require certain computer skills like shorthand, accuracy, and speed, as well as the ability to install and remove software, create folders and files, send emails, and use the Internet. 

This job can be ideal for moms because it can be done from home and only requires a computer and internet access. The average salary in the United States is $ 12.55 an hour, although there are companies that pay per completed project.

If you want to soak up information about it, you can create your profile as a freelancer on sites like, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Upwork, The Smart Crowd, Fiverr, Working Solutions, Clickworker, and Microworkers. Once your profile is created, you can search for the term "captures" and find jobs to apply for. If you want more work of this type, visit more generic sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster.

And you should be aware of the frauds that exist online in which money is requested to register in some of these bases.

  • 13. “Home” in the sharing economy

If you have an extra room or a remodeled basement or garage to rent, you can join the sharing economy and rent a space in your house on Airbnb. You can also list your vacation home on HomeAway.

And not only can you rent your room, but you can rent your garage so that people can park. In the United States, there are also platforms to rent your garden like Noozky, although this is not entirely legal in some cities.

If you have a lot of extra space in your apartment you can use apps like Roost and Spacer to rent storage spaces. The money you can make for your spaces varies depending on where you live and the demand in your city.

Find out if there is a demand for storage spaces, parking lots or rooms where you live. What is most in demand in urban areas such as parking may not be something viable in smaller cities. However, that does not mean that someone is not willing to rent your garage to park their yacht or motorcycle.

  • 14. Virtual recruiter

Virtual recruiters find candidates for job openings. The idea is for a virtual recruiter to reach out to a wider variety of applicants using virtual showrooms where recruiters can discuss the pleasure and meet interested candidates online to discuss the vacancy. 

The job of a virtual recruiter is to save companies time and effort before sitting face-to-face with candidates. Glassdoor reports that virtual recruiters can earn between $ 30 and $ 40 an hour in the United States.

Virtual recruiters often work independently or for an agency, and this is recommended for people who do not want to invest too much money in this job as they can avoid the costs of joining platforms or having access to recruiting tools.

This job is ideal for moms who have children in school and who are willing to get some training in the recruitment process and the tools that are available for the job. If you already have some experience in the human resources field, you already have an advantage and should highlight it in your applications.If you have no experience in this field, don't worry. These companies are looking for people who can match candidates to job openings, and to do so you have to have the necessary infrastructure (i.e. the tools and the process) and the ability to analyze candidates. 

So if you are emotionally intelligent and can understand what a company needs from a candidate, you can definitely be of great help. And even if you don't need a college degree for this job, you do need some kind of experience and training. Go to job posting sites like Glassdoor, Monster, and LinkedIn and type "virtual recruiter" to find open positions.

  • 15. Copies and editors

Copies and editors review written material for accuracy, spelling, grammar, and readability. This is a job that requires great attention to detail for people who have an affinity for the language. If you have good spelling and can write, this can be a good way to earn money. The average salary in the United States for an editor or copy is $ 31 an hour.

Just remember that finding a full-time job as an editor or copy is pretty rare. This is an area that is shrinking and many companies are starting to hire from outside. Jobs in this field vary, from print magazines to financial reporting. 

If you have some experience in this area you may be better suited to work in the advertising and media industry. However, there are academic and medical materials that require certain guidelines. 

The point is that if you already have a solid foundation in spelling, grammar, and writing, you can learn the different styles and find the manuals you need. You can hone your skills by taking certified online courses from organizations like the American Society for Editing, Mediabistro, or Poynter.

To find a job as an editor, check out common sites like Monster, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, as well as search sites like Upwork and Freelancer.

  • 16. CV creator

A professional CV creator creates resumes for people who are unwilling (or unable) to format and narrative their professional experience. It is a very specific skill that requires editing (a CV should not include everything) and writing without spelling mistakes.

It also requires the person writing the CV to research the candidate's experience well and form it in a concise format. This is not a task that takes you 30 minutes, but one that can take up to 5 hours. 

Professional CV creators can charge between $ 50 and $ 75 per CV and between $ 200 and $ 300 if they are doing it to someone who appears on the 500 most successful list. However, if you are just starting out, we recommend starting with lower costs. The work is flexible and can be done from home, and all you need is a computer, Internet access, and a word processor. This job requires the ability to organize information and format it to push through some worthwhile work experiences and accomplishments while outlining the candidate's particular skills. 

You can find information on how to make good CVs and even templates available online. You can offer your services to the less experienced and with shorter CVs (such as recent college graduates) before diving into the professionals.

Writing CVs for highly experienced professionals is a very different skill than that required to create CVs for recent graduates who often only need a chronological order. To get started, look at Freelancer, FlexJobs, Indeed, RiseSmart, Talent Inc., and Upwork.

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Winter health tips for food

 Winter health tips for food

Winter health tips for food

Many times we think that losing weight implies eating lettuce and grilled foods all day, but in reality, you can eat varied and healthy without giving up dishes full of flavor.

It is true that, both in autumn and winter, we are more likely to gain a few extra kilos; Among other reasons, because the cold makes us want more hearty spoon dishes, leaving aside the fresh summer salads.

Therefore, we have to take into account that the consumption of calories is higher and a balanced diet, together with a good training plan, is essential to avoid gaining weight during these months.

A good way to adapt our diet to winter temperatures is to include seasonal foods to take advantage of the properties, and nutrients that they provide us, especially the typical fruits and vegetables of each season. “Consuming seasonal products translates into improved, fresher food that does not depend on large transfers and, therefore, more ecological and economical.

In addition, it is also a way to vary the diet depending on the part of the year in which we find ourselves ”, point out the nutrition experts from Clinical Option Media.

  • Foods for a healthy winter

These are some healthy seasonal foods that are essential for your diet:

Fruits. The antioxidant power of vitamins A, E, and C, which fruits have, have shown an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and aging, and other common diseases this season, such as colds or flu.

It is advisable to consume them in season, such as apple, pear, banana, grapes, avocado, kiwi, lemon, tangerines, red fruits, persimmon or pomegranate Also vegetables such as pumpkin, which provide us with a good dose of essential vitamins and minerals with hardly any calories.

Vegetable Tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants stand out, rich in antioxidants, which protect the body by strengthening its immune system and help prevent certain diseases.

Also, the potato, which, in addition to being a great source of potassium, has significant amounts of vitamins and fibers such as pectin.

Of course, mushrooms –the star food of autumn-, artichokes, wild asparagus, spinach, and chard All of them are loaded with nutrients and with low-calorie content that makes them perfect for weight loss diets.

Nuts. Another typical fall food group. Chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts are a source of energy.

They contain healthy fats: Omega 3, vegetable protein, and a large number of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, or calcium and vitamins such as A, B, and E. Nuts also help control blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

They are also rich in fiber, but they contain a high caloric value, therefore, their consumption should be moderate, and it is advisable to consume them in the first part of the day until seven in the afternoon more or less.

Vegetables. They are rich in zinc, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system; They have a high nutritional value, fiber content, and low-fat content. At midday, a good option could be to combine a legume with cereal and vegetables.

  • For example stewed lentils with vegetables and rice.

Spoon dishes, but keep them light. Faced with the drop in temperatures, the body asks us for 'spoon' dishes to warm the body.

Foods such as celery, spinach, mushrooms, and other foods that, as we said, contain iron and zinc, provide the broth with anti-inflammatory benefit. However, avoid those that are high in fat.

Fish. Fish is a great source of selenium, which helps protect cells from free radicals. It also contains vitamin D, whose main source is the sun, which is more scarce in autumn and winter.

Therefore, foods rich in vitamin D help to fill this deficiency. Salmon, rooster, sea bream, tuna loins, cod, sardines, squid, or mussels are fish that we recommend always keep in our fridge.

Meat. It is a great source of proteins, which are responsible for generating muscles in good shape, and keeping tissues elastic, among other things. However, remember that we should not abuse red meat, but it is recommended to consume it occasionally and opt for leaner and healthier meats such as chicken, or rabbit.

Bread, cereals, and other foods. There are certain foods that we can consume, such as bread, or cereals, always tending to their integral variants, where we will find more fiber and less fat and calories. The chocolate should be as pure as possible, starting at 70%.  And also, don't forget.

  • Infinite Fitness trainers also recommend:

30 minutes of exercise a day. In addition to eating a balanced diet, it is essential to do physical activity daily to burn calories, take care of health, and prevent diseases.

The main thing is to be active throughout the day, go up and downstairs, walk to work, get up every two hours from the office chair, and stretch.

Drink a lot of water. It is important to stay hydrated, and water is the best option. At least, you should drink eight glasses of water a day, which you can complete with herbal teas or homemade vegetable broth.

Control the quantities. In addition to the food that we put in our mouths, we must be careful with the portions. A good trick is to use small plates, which makes it easier to calculate the calories and the amount of food.

Decrease cravings. It is scientifically proven that we seek sweets when the sun is scarce. Try to moderate the consumption of chocolates, sweet cookies, carbonated drinks, or candy. You don't need to delete them, just keep them for special occasions.

Moderate the 'gin and tonics.” Alcohol is part of the excesses of winter and is one of the main culprits of the extra kilos, both because of the empty calories it contains and because it prevents fat loss. In addition, high alcohol consumption is linked to countless chronic diseases.

In short, even if the cold is not good, you can do a lot to avoid gaining a few kilos, and thus, stay in shape. You just have to propose it!